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Spending a quarter in Lacoste is as memorable for students as it is for faculty. Teaching art in a medieval village in the South of France sparks creativity, imagination and leaves lifelong memories.  

Here is an overview of the process of choosing classes and faculty for each quarter in Lacoste. If you have any questions, please reach out to your dean or chair. 

1. Academic services and the office of study abroad work with deans of each school to coordinate the major rotation for the academic year. 

2.The office of study abroad publishes this information for students to begin planning a year in advance. 

3. The office of academic services reaches out to chair to request a list of recommended courses (3 quarters in advance). 
4.The office of study abroad submits courses to office of registrar 

5. Application open to students, courses are viewable in MySCAD 

6. Chairs submit faculty recommendations to the office of academic services which completes a review and vetting process. 

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Upon approval from academic services, faculty member works with the office of study abroad in preparation for Lacoste: 
  • The office of study abroad submits faculty name to the office of registrar to be added to the schedule. 
  • The office of study abroad collects necessary information from faculty (preferences, dietary restrictions, passport information) 
  • The office of study abroad arranges travel for faculty 
  • Faculty are invited to the student pre-departure orientation and a required faculty pre-departure meeting.