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Short Term Excursions


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Leading a short-term excursion is a unique opportunity to make the world your classroom. Many of the SCAD faculty members take this opportunity each year to allow their students to be immersed in different cultures and visit local companies, factories, and alumni around the world. These trips have a long-lasting effect on SCAD students and their view on art and even result in internships and job offers. If you are interested in leading an excursion, please follow these steps: 

1. Discuss the opportunity with your chair and school dean; 

2. Draft a syllabus and a proposed itinerary (must include 50 curated contact hours of faculty-lead, itinerary-driven engagement); 

3. Submit your application, including the following:
  • Faculty Short Term Proposal Form.pdf with all necessary signatures;
  • proposed syllabus 
  • proposed itinerary 
  • proposed budget noting anticipated costs (the office of study abroad will assist with finalizing the financial aspects of the trip) 

Note: Please be advised that leading a short-term excursion comes with additional, non-academic responsibilities, such as planning an itinerary, hosting information sessions, managing a budget, collecting receipts, submitting expense reports after the trip and more. If you have any questions about this process, please email