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2019 winter break

PDF Version of the 2019 winter excursions:2019 Winter Break Excursions

Immersive Concept and Pitch Development for Animated Shorts                                                   
Examine visual and narrative counterpoints using immersive based-research and cultural documentation in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.
Location              Hong Kong
Instructor            Tim Pattinson
Courses              ANIM 385 Concept Development for Animation
                           SDGM 560 Collaborative Project in Digital Media
Requirements     Chair approval
Immersion Hong Kong                                                                                                                       
Contemplate the dynamic environments, urban landscapes and diverse cultures of Hong Kong.
Location               Hong Kong
Instructor             Hsu-Jen Huang
Courses               ARCH 421 Advanced Architectural Presentation
                            ARCH 438 Urban Issues Seminar
                            ARCH 769 Hybrid Media Presentation in Architecture
                            ARCH 775 Global Architectural Practice
Hong Kong Film Initiative                                                                                                                   
Collaborate with peers through all stages of film production from pre-production, production design, location scouting, actor rehearsals and filming to create a Hong Kong based film.
Location              Hong Kong
Instructor             Craig Anton & TBD
Courses               FILM 302 Production Practicum
                            FILM 329 Shot Design
                            PERF 777 Applications in Performance
                            SOEA 560 Collaboration in the Arts
Requirements      Chair approval
Bridging the Gap: Creative Process and Mass Production                                                                
From process to production - explore jewelry markets, showrooms and manufacturers of China.
Location               Hong Kong + Guangzhou, China
Instructor             Jay Song
Courses               MTJW 306 Adornment, Identity and Power of Jewelry
                             MTJW 312 Jewelry and Fashion

Hong Kong: Exploring Place                                                                                                               
Expand your creative output by interacting with creative professionals and visiting historical sites in Hong Kong while discovering new directions for your work.
Location                Hong Kong
Instructor              Christopher Williams
Courses                PNTG 495 Special Topics in Painting – Hong Kong: Exploring Place
                             PNTG 780N Painting: Inspirations from Hong Kong
Sequential Art in Tokyo                                                                                                                      
Interact with artists, editors and museums in the world’s leading sequential art industries.
Location               Hong Kong + Tokyo, Japan
Instructors            Ray Goto & David Duncan
Courses                SEQA 401 Sequential Art in Tokyo, Japan
                             SEQA 472 Directed Projects in Sequential Art
                             SEQA 772 Directed Studies in Sequential Art
Requirements       Portfolio, artist statement and letter of recommendation
Going to the Source: Exploring Fragrance Production and Marketing                                             
Discover the history of perfume and perfume-making techniques while exploring France.
Location             Lacoste + Paris + Grasse, France
Instructor            Daniel Green
Courses             FASM 320 Fragrance Marketing and Management
Requirements    Chair approval
Experience Orlando                                                                                                                           
See the development of Florida theme parks and discuss live entertainment with professionals.
Dates                    December 1-8 *tentative
Location                Orlando, Florida
Instructor               Ruth Hutson
Courses                SOEA 399 Themed Entertainment Field Experience
                             THED 769 Field Immersion for Themed Entertainment
Requirements       Chair approval, portfolio