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General Program Overview

SCAD students have the unique opportunity in Lacoste to live, learn and create art in the rural bucolic beauty of Lacoste; a supportive environment rich with culture and history. The campus facilities are located in Provence, France and encompass a preserved medieval village to include a meticulously restored 11 c. farmhouse. All students live in SCAD residence facilities and dine in one of our two dining halls.
Not only are students immersed in the Provencal French culture, landscape and artistry, but opportunities abound for them to walk in history’s footsteps with visits to nearby destinations such as Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence and Saint Rémy through many travel-oriented classes on offer through the SCAD Lacoste program each quarter. Planned trips for all program participants include a 4 night and five-day excursion to Paris, as well as two Friday all-campus day-trips to nearby towns or cities in the Provence region.
Coursework is slightly different than SCAD’s other campuses with classes being offered at an accelerated 8-week pace with firsthand experiences through on-site learning. Faculty coursework is geared to a collaborative and communal learning experience, which alumni of the program often account as the most impactful of their careers at SCAD. At the end of each quarter, students have an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work by taking part in Open Studio.
Considerations for the SCAD Lacoste program are limited to students who are in good standing with the University. Additionally, GPA, faculty references, class standing and seat availability in courses are factors for acceptance. Students currently enrolled at SCAD have priority, however non-SCAD students may apply. Students must complete the application in its entirety for acceptance, and have course selection sign-off from their staff advisor (student success or graduate adviser) via an advising confirmation form.  Students will be prompted by the application system to upload this form. Students interested in applying should schedule an appointment with their staff advisor prior to completing the application.
2017-2018 COST & FEES
Program Fee: $6680
Includes: housing, meals, two all-campus excursions, 5 days 4 nights Paris excursion, site visits fees, ground transportation on arrival and departure days, transportation for academic field trips. Current scholarships and financial aid may apply. Participants are responsible for all personal expenses, supplies, and lunch and dinner during the Paris excursion.
Non-refundable Deposit: $850
International Emergency Insurance: $80
*not applicable to US F-1 visa international students
SCAD undergraduate tuition (per course): $3990
See student success adviser for an academic and financial overview
SCAD Graduate tuition (per course): $4085
See graduate adviser for an academic and financial overview
Each program participant can arrange his/her own flight to and from Europe or have SCAD handle such travel arrangements; estimated cost ranges from $1400 - $2200. Student who book travel through SCAD will be charged a flat fee of $1900 to $2100, depending on the quarter of attendance. Travel policies are explained in detail in the acceptance materials. SCAD travel arrangements must be submitted before the deadline as indicated. Students should plan to book travel after official acceptance into the program.

Please note: In accordance with the office of residence life and housing policy, all students studying abroad will be required to move out of their current SCAD residence and will not be permitted to move back in until the designated move-in dates for the next quarter. The office of residence life and housing will try to place students back in the same residence hall if possible. Email, or with any questions.

*Prices and information subject to change