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General Program Overview

Students from all SCAD locations are encouraged to take advantage of the unique opportunity to live and study at SCAD Hong Kong. The city of Hong Kong is centrally-located in the heart of Asia and boasts a diverse cultural landscape, heavily influenced by its Chinese and European past. A glittering metropolis in the South China Sea, Hong Kong marks an international gateway that is as fast-paced as it is unique. Here, SCAD offers the area’s largest concentration of art and design degree programs in the heart of the Sham Shui Po district, where a fusion of ancient heritage and Western influence inspires visitors from around the globe.
In adherence with the policies stated in the SCAD catalog, considerations for travel abroad to Hong Kong and other international SCAD locations are limited to students who are in good standing with the university. Additionally, a GPA of 2.5 or higher, class standing and a clean or resolved conduct record are factors for acceptance. Students must complete the application in its entirety for acceptance, and have course selection sign-off from their Student Success or Graduate Adviser via the ‘Advising Confirmation and Location Transfer’ form. Students will be prompted by the application system to upload this form. Those who do not complete this section will not be considered as active applicants.
University housing at the Gold Coast is limited and assigned upon successful completion of the application and visa process, including supporting documentation and adherence to the draft due dates. Students who do not wish to live at the Gold Coast residences should make his or her own arrangements in finding and securing housing.
The amount of $875 includes a housing deposit and a visa processing fee. Students should not pay the transfer deposit until the visa application is approved for shipment. Students not living in university housing, or those who have paid the annual housing deposit, should still pay the $875 transfer deposit; $750 of this fee will be applied to said students’ account as a credit if living at the Gold Coast Residences.
Various supporting documentation is needed for completion of the visa process which SCAD Hong Kong submits on the students’ behalf. While SCAD hosts workshops and reviews visas both in person and electronically on the draft due dates, we cannot guarantee the issuance of visas as this will be determined by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. SCAD will not submit visas which do not meet the criteria as outlined by Hong Kong immigration.
Each program participant can elect to arrange his/her own flight to and from Hong Kong, or have SCAD handle such travel arrangements. For a fee of $1600, the Savannah College of Art and Design will handle round-trip tickets for students who wish to reserve their flights through the university.  All students wishing to book through SCAD must complete a ‘Travel Accommodations Form’ which will be distributed at the Pre-Departure Orientation.

Please note: In accordance with the office of residence life and housing policy, all students studying abroad will be required to move out of their current SCAD residence and will not be permitted to move back in until the designated move-in dates for the next quarter. The office of residence life and housing will try to place students back in the same residence hall if possible. Email, or with any questions.
2017-2018 COST & FEES
Tuition (undergraduate: required 3 classes): $11,970
Tuition (graduate: required 2 classes): $8,170
International Emergency Insurance: $80
*not applicable to F-1 visa international students
Housing: $3,372- $3,642
Hong Kong Transfer Deposit: $875
*Prices and information subject to change