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Short Break Excursions

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Here is what other students are saying about their experience through SCAD short term programs:

Immersion Hong Kong
Architecture | Winter Intersession 2017

- "It was an amazing experience that allowed me to make global connections and expand my knowledge of the worlds design and urbanization."
- "Everything about this trip was exactly, if not more, than what I expected it would be. This once in a lifetime experience expanded my view of the world and architecture, while teaching me so much. I will never regret going on this trip."
- "Learning how international design firms functioned opened my eyes to the idea that working abroad is possible. I also enjoyed that the firms we visited were not limited to architecture firms. We met with architects, interior designers, urban planners, etc."

Power of Jewelry (Hong Kong)
Jewelry | Winter Intersession 2017

- "My favorite part from the Power of Jewelry program has to be all the factory visits {in mainland China}. An experience like this while still being in college is beyond amazing. People in the industry with far more years of experience never get the chance to go to as many factories as we did in just one week. We are very privileged to have had this chance."

Experience Orlando
Themed Entertainment |  Winter Intersession 2017

-  "It was an experience unlike any other that you could receive from SCAD. No other class can compare to the exposure I received. Observing all the different aspects of the field first hand allowed me to see the expectations of those in the field. This is in my opinion the most important class I've taken at SCAD so far."
-  "The program was the most immersive and career focused class that I've ever taken. There's a type of real world experience that you could never learn from sitting in a classroom."
- "In the short week that we were there, I feel like it has changed my life. I learned and experienced so much that if I could retake the course, I would do it in a heartbeat. Being an architecture major, I felt that this trip has given me a different way to look at not only themed entertainment design, but also my architecture work as well, which will benefit me in the future regardless of career path."

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