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Short Term Excursions

View some of the exciting opportunities faculty had planned for the upcoming winter break!

Winter 2022 excursions brochure.pdf


Here is what other students are saying about their experience through SCAD short term programs:

Comic Travel
Sequential Art | Winter Intersession 2019

- "I was taken abroad to stay in a beautiful country on a dream trip of a lifetime, saw things I never expected to see, was given high quality housing, incredible cultural experiences, and free reign at night to explore. I would highly recommend this near once in a lifetime program to other students."
- "It was an experience of a lifetime. Highly recommend continuing the program for future students to help motivate them to learn and draw what’s surrounding them."
- "The trip shaped me as an artist and a person. I feel more inspired and confident because of everything I did in Japan. I think other students could really benefit from this trip, too."


Going to the Source 
Fashion Marketing and Management | Winter Intersession 2019

- "This experience was enriching and quite honestly life-changing. I find myself seeing fragrance ads in a different light, and I have been inspired to really get to work on projects that will help me land my dream job in the industry."


Experience Orlando
Themed Entertainment |  Winter Intersession 2017

-  "It was an experience unlike any other that you could receive from SCAD. No other class can compare to the exposure I received. Observing all the different aspects of the field first hand allowed me to see the expectations of those in the field. This is in my opinion the most important class I've taken at SCAD so far."
-  "The program was the most immersive and career focused class that I've ever taken. There's a type of real world experience that you could never learn from sitting in a classroom."
- "In the short week that we were there, I feel like it has changed my life. I learned and experienced so much that if I could retake the course, I would do it in a heartbeat. Being an architecture major, I felt that this trip has given me a different way to look at not only themed entertainment design, but also my architecture work as well, which will benefit me in the future regardless of career path."