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General Information

All students must have a passport that will remain valid 6 months after the last day of the program. If you are interested in applying for any of our programs, please make sure your passport meets this requirement. If you need to renew your passport, please click here to learn more about the process. Click here to find a list of acceptance facilities near you.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for routine renewal of your passport. Expedited processing (additional fee required) takes 2-3 weeks. 

Financial aid 2
As part of the application process students are required to meet with their student success adviser to complete the advising confirmation form. During this meeting students and advisers should discuss the financial aspects and implications of studying abroad. In most cases financial aid applies to study abroad programs. The student success or graduate adviser is the primary contact for all financial questions regarding financial aid.

scholarships 2
A limited number of scholarships are offered to Lacoste program participants. More details will be emailed to students the quarter prior their term of study. Students are required to submit a resume and statement of need with the scholarship application.

work study   ra
Work study and residence assistance opportunities offered in Lacoste each quarter. Positions are offered in Lacoste. Students will be informed about the interview process 1 quarter prior to their study.

Insurance 2
Students studying in Lacoste are automatically enrolled with a third-party service provider identified by SCAD for supplemental insurance. Insurance for international students will remain in place, and no additional plan will be added. This insurance is in effect only while you are studying at SCAD campus and the cost will be automatically charged to your student account. Please read ACE outbound services brochure.pdf for more information.

Service animals
Service animals are permitted in Lacoste. Please click here to find current requirements that need to be met in order to travel to France accompanied by the service animal.

health clearance form
SCAD must receive accurate information about each participant’s physical and mental health to participate in the SCAD study abroad programs. Students will be provided with a SCAD health clearance form online with their post-acceptance material. Health information received about a participant is confidential and will be shared only with those who need to know in order to assist participants while abroad. The General Post-Acceptance Health Clearance Form.pdf should be filled out by each medical or mental health practitioner and should not be completed by a family member. 
ExperCARE’s 818 Abercorn St. location welcomes SCAD students for appointments or walk-ins seven days a week. ExperCARE provides the same quality healthcare services to SCAD students that they may have previously received at the SCAD Center for Health, including treatment of many illnesses and injuries, X-rays, lab testing, and diagnostics, as well as urgent care and routine medical appointments. ExperCARE accepts most major insurance policies. 

SCAD does not require vaccines, however we do recommend you review Center for Disease Control recommendations for any countries you may be traveling to before or after your time abroad.

Verifying identity
Please note the following policy of the office of study abroad regarding protection of student information.

In an effort to best maintain and protect student information, the office of study abroad will only communicate with students via email when students use their account.  When calling in, students will be asked to verify their identity by providing information from the student account. When visiting the office, students will need to bring a form of identification, preferably SCAD ID. Parents or guardians seeking information from our office will also be required to identify themselves as well as verify their relationship to the student by providing information from the student account.  Parents and guardians must be listed on a student’s FERPA agreement for the office to discuss any individualized information. Thank you for understanding and respecting our stance on protection of student information.